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On Reiki and Yoga

Reiki Energy Balancing is a holistic healing modality that is taught and transmitted through a lineage of healers and practitioners. During the last century, the lineage weaves back to 1930s Japan and its modern day founder, Mikao Usui who first began teaching Reiki healing in its current form. The system allows the healer to act as a vehicle for energy (like prana or chi) that integrates the subtle human energy field with the body to address issues of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.


Older traditions also inform Reiki practice; particularly, Reiki has been seen to correlate with the Bon Tradition of Tibet as well as yoga, meditation, compassion, and breathing practices developed through the ages. Reiki can be transmitted in person or from a distance.


Yoga asana and meditation practices support the healing of mind and body from within one’s own self. Similar to Reiki, Yoga practice facilitates the movement of energy–prana–that integrates mind and body. With practice we can learn to listen to our own unique way, and become our own healers.


Reiki and Yoga can be practiced together or independently. Private sessions generally last one hour. Private group Yoga classes are also available and can be scheduled for a single session or an ongoing class.



$75/One-hour session

$180/3 one-hour sessions; valid for one month

$275/5 one-hour sessions; valid for six weeks

$450/10 one-hour sessions; valid for three months

Privates are located at Alaya Studio, 1015 Dea Lane, Taos, New Mexico.



Ashtanga Yoga Class at Awarenessworks Studio Northstar Plaza, 65 NM-522, El Prado, NM 87529

Thursday, 6:15-7:45p

Gaining strength and flexibility with the traditional Ashtanga form, this class is an excellent introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for both martial artists and yogis who love the discipline and energy of a focused practice. Defendu Academy is located on Gusdorf Rd, Taos, NM. Please visit


For more information or to schedule a private Reiki or Yoga session or a group private, please send an email to:


Jennifer Ammann draws from twenty-five years of Yoga training that has included study of asana form and alignment in conjunction with awareness of internal form and nadis (subtle energy channels). Yoga philosophy, meditation, and pranayama have been an integral part of her asana training and teaching. She studied and trained to be a teacher in the Ashtanga Vinyasa form with Richard Freeman, founder of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO. She is currently fulfilling a year-long Reiki Master Training, Level III, with Susan Chiocci, founder of Reiki Colorado in Boulder, CO.