Class Schedule

Ashtanga Yoga Nitty Gritty: Tuesday, 5:30-7p

Appropriate for those who are new to the practice as well as seasoned practitioners, this class moves more slowly to bring attention to the art and subtlety of breath and alignment from the beginning.  Focus is on detail to all aspects of the form and varies  from class to class.

Casa Gallina, 613 Callejón, Taos. 


Ashtanga Yoga, Level 2: Wednesday, 5:30-7p and Saturday, 10-11:30a

A more traditional guidance through the beginning of the Primary Series, this class moves more quickly and requires familiarity with the basics of Ashtanga Yoga practice including ujjayi pranayama, Suryanamaskar A&B, and Standing Poses.

Awarenessworks Studio at Northstar Plaza, 65 NM-522, El Prado



$12 per class for a month/1-2 classes per week

$80 unlimited monthly


For any other questions, please send an email to:


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