Yoga and the Broken Heart: September 18-20, 2015


Casa Gallina

A Weekend Retreat of Yoga and Contemplation on Grief as a Spiritual Path

with Mirabai Starr and Jennifer Ammann

Casa Gallina in Taos, New Mexico


In this gathering we will share interspiritual teachings from the mystics of various traditions that illumine the connection between loss and spiritual longing. We will explore both their writings and the mystical quality in our own bodies to transmute suffering through asana practice, and see how beautifully they tie into the Heart’s deep longing.1491308_10153008910759928_2873433709752688007_o

Many of us who have suffered profound loss experience a palpable sense of the sacred filling the atmosphere and flooding our hearts. Sometimes we are afraid to speak of this numinous gift for fear that we will seem as if we are not “sad.”  But our beings are vast enough to hold brokenness and exaltation in the same shattered container.  When we investigate this state with curiosity and compassion, we may find that the pain of loss is intimately entwined with our deepest yearning for connection to the Divine.

The teachings of the sixteenth century Spanish saints, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, show us how we may approach the radical mystery that often accompanies profound loss as a spiritual opportunity rather than as a problem requiring a solution. By engaging a contemplative in favor of a cathartic approach, we cultivate an environment of emotional safety and deep peace. With Yoga asana, we allow the body to intelligently hold all that we are, including the gems that show themselves when we are present with loss.



Our time together will include morning Yoga asana practice and meditation with poetry from the mystics of all traditions, deep dialog, writing exercises, interspiritual chanting and contemplative silence in the afternoon. Lunches on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner Saturday night will be catered with delicious, vegetarian meals drawing hand-picked greens and vegetables from the Casa Gallina gardens. We will enjoy kirtan after dinner Saturday night, and there will be time during the day to sit in the late Summer weather under the trees at the Inn.



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